Social Welfare Policy & Practice

Policy and Advocacy Interview Paper Reflection

This interview was very insightful when it came to learning about advocacy and policy from two different social work concentrations. One thing that I was able to learn from these interviews was the need for appropriate advocacy for an inpatient facility or setting where social workers are present. In the workplace, many different careers are… Continue reading Policy and Advocacy Interview Paper Reflection

Generalist Practice: Groups, Organizations, and Communities

Strategic Planning

Bryson (2011, pg. 7) defined strategic planning as deliberative, disciplined approach to producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape what an organization is, what it does, and why. In laymen’s terms, any action that an organization takes in order to succeed is considered strategic planning. As read throughout the chapter, it seems as if strategic… Continue reading Strategic Planning



Medicare and Medicaid are both governmental assistance programs that help to provide all with their health care needs. Medicare focuses on giving assistance to people over the age of 65 as well as individuals who are severely disabled and are physically unable to work. Medicaid focuses of giving assistance to anyone who has a very… Continue reading BP7